Helping Your Child Learn Numbers

Learning about numbers is incredibly important for a child’s development. You might say it’s as essential as learning to read. We see and use numbers hundreds of times a day. Without the right guidance, a child’s daily activities can be very confusing. Don’t wait until they start school. You should begin teaching your child about […]

How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

Becoming a parent is perhaps the most wonderful thing you’re ever likely to do. But it does bring about it’s challenges. One of them being sleep – for both you, and your baby. Getting them to rest for an appropriate amount of time can be tough. First, however, you need to determine what an appropriate […]

Sleep Guide 9-12 Months

Sleep matters Every person, and especially every parent, knows that sleep is vital, both for you and your little one. So how can you make sure that your little one gets as much sleep as they need? To help combat the confusion and simplify some of the gargantuan amount of information out there, we’ve compiled […]