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What’s Different about Having a Second Child?


You’ve just got to grips with your first child, are much more confident in your abilities as a parent, and then the second one comes along.

More of the same? Sort of.

But there are a few differences between your first and second children. It won’t be exactly as it was the first time around.

For one, this is a completely different person, with their own personality.

In case you were expecting the same experience, we’ve put together a brief guide on what’s different about having a second child.

After reading it, hopefully you’ll feel much more prepared!

It’s Not Just the Two of You Anymore

If you’re a mum, you’ll likely have spent the majority of your maternity leave with just you and your child.

Obviously you develop an immense bond in this time.

Whilst a new arrival is every bit as wonderful, some parents do feel a bit sad about the fact it will no longer be just the two of you.

If this happens, don’t be shocked, and don’t feel bad. It’s completely normal.

You’ll soon get used to the new dynamic, and you’ll much prefer it. Two is far better than one, as they say.

The Children Will Develop a Relationship with Each Other

It’s not just your relationship with the children to consider, you have to think about the one they have with each other.

Most of the time, children who grow up together – assuming they’re only a couple of years apart in age – will form a very tight bond.

But it’s possible it won’t be that way at the start.

It’s not uncommon for the older child to get a little jealous of their younger sibling. This is the first time they haven’t had all the attention on them.

Again, don’t worry if things are not perfect, it happens. They’ll grow out of it quite quickly.

A useful introduction is if the newborn child arrives with a present for the older sibling. There is nothing like creating a positive first experience!

It Will Be Just as Difficult, If Not More So

You might think you’ve got a handle on things. And you probably have.

But that won’t make the next time any simpler. No amount of experience can make the sleepless nights easier.

And now you’ve got two children to worry about. To make sure are ok at all times, and are well provided for.

The worst thing you can do is expect things to be a doddle, simply because you’ve done it before. That won’t be the case, unfortunately.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to master the art of caring for two children (or three, or four…).

It just takes a little practice. You’ll soon get it!

You Might Be Treated Differently by People

When you have your first child, everybody is well aware you’re a new parent.

So they’ll offer all the support they can.

When you have a second child, they might assume you don’t need that level of support anymore. You’ve got experience. You know what you’re doing.

But as we’ve discussed, having two children can be even more demanding. This is when you really do need help.

Don’t expect friends and family to be as doting as they have been previously.

One thing you can count on, however, is the support offered by Shine Childcare.

We don’t care if this is your second, third, or even sixth child. Our level of care is second to none.

Our childcare specialists are here to make your life easier – whatever the circumstances.

We regularly provide support and advice to parents relating to both nursery and home life, and work with parents to ensure the best outcomes for their child or children.

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