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The Best Parks in Oldham for Children

Oldham offers a variety of options for families to enjoy outdoor time, with large play areas and beautiful parks. Here, we detail some of the best parks in Oldham tailored for the younger crowd.

Alexandra Park:

alexandrea park in Oldham

Alexandra Park in Oldham is a beautiful green space with 60 acres of fun things for children to do. The park, which opened in 1865, blends Victorian charm with modern amenities.

The children’s play area has swings, slides, and climbing structures. The boating lake is great for families, especially in the summer. Children can watch the ducks or take part in the occasional boating events. The conservatory, known for its tropical plants and the butterfly house, offers an educational experience for budding nature enthusiasts.

Chadderton Hall Park:

chadderton park oldham

Tucked away in Chadderton, this park is a blend of history and recreation. The Hall, from the 13th century, has a big park with a modern playground for children of all ages. The zip wire and the large sand play area are often buzzing with activity.

For families who prefer a quiet stroll, the River Irk meanders through the park, providing serene pathways lined with trees. The occasional sighting of waterfowl adds to the park’s appeal for children with an interest in bird watching.

Stoneleigh Park:

Stoneleigh Oldham park

Stoneleigh Park may be smaller in size compared to its counterparts, but it packs a punch with its facilities for children. The park has swings and slides in the play area and children of all ages enjoy the skate park.

Parents can relax at the dedicated seating areas, knowing their children are safe within the fenced playground. The park’s layout encourages children to explore and cycle around. Stoneleigh is a great choice for families looking for a quick outdoor escapade.

Dunwood Park:

dunwood park in oldham

Locals helped restore Dunwood Park, creating a family-friendly space that highlights community involvement. The play area segments by age, ensuring that both toddlers and older children have suitable play equipment.

One of the standout features is the sensory garden, designed for children with disabilities. Children are able to touch and smell its array of plants, which offers a unique experience. The park offers various activities for children, including puppet shows and fun family days. As a result, there is always something enjoyable happening

High Crompton Park:

high crompton park oldham

Located in Shaw, High Crompton Park is a vibrant space teeming with children’s laughter. The playground, revamped a few years ago, includes equipment that suits a variety of age groups. Children who like sports have many choices with mini football pitches, basketball courts, and tennis facilities.

The ornamental gardens and the pond make for a peaceful retreat, allowing children to connect with nature. The presence of local cafes nearby means parents can grab some food or a cup of coffee while the children play.

Tandle Hill Country Park:

Perhaps one of Oldham’s most renowned green spaces, Tandle Hill is not just a park but a country haven. Spread over 110 acres, this mix of meadow and woodland offers a robust outdoor experience for children. There’s a designated play area equipped with the latest play structures, ensuring hours of endless fun.

What sets Tandle Hill apart is its nature trails where children can embark on small adventures. They can explore various paths that lead to viewpoints. These viewpoints offer magnificent views of Manchester Plain and the Pennine Hills.For families keen on introducing their children to the wonders of the outdoors, this park is a must-visit. The park is great for picnics, with lots of options for refueling in between play sessions. In addition, Tandle Hill Park is just a 10 minute drive from our Oldham nursery. This makes it a popular option for families after nursery time.

Foxdenton Park:

foxdenton park for children in oldham

Historic and scenic, Foxdenton Park surrounds the 18th-century Foxdenton Hall. This park has everything, from beautiful gardens to fun children’s play areas

The maze is a fun and challenging labyrinth of hedged pathways that both children and adults enjoy. Additionally, the miniature railway, operated by enthusiasts during the weekends, is a hit among children. The gentle chug along the scenic route is an experience in itself.

Royton Park:

royton park oldham

Royton Park is a testament to how traditional parks can evolve to meet contemporary needs. While it preserves the old-world charm with its mature trees and pond, the recent additions cater to today’s children.

The park’s aviary, home to a variety of birds, is a major attraction. Children often feel fascinated as they watch the colorful inhabitants chirp and flutter. Moreover, during summers, the splash pad becomes the focal point, with kids enjoying the water jets and sprays.

Waterhead Park:

waterhead park oldham

Located close to the heart of Oldham, Waterhead Park offers a slice of tranquility amidst urban hustle. Children can feed the ducks or simply enjoy the view at the central pond. The revamped play area, with its innovative play structures, promises hours of creative fun. Benches located throughout the park give parents a spot to relax, making it a perfect location for a day out.


Oldham, with its rich tapestry of parks, ensures that children have a multitude of options for outdoor activities. Each park, with its unique features and offerings, caters to varied interests. You can choose from history, nature, water, or just playing on swings for a fun and memorable day out.

Oldham parks are ideal for families to spend quality time together, after school, on weekends and during school holidays. As the world becomes more digital, green spaces serve as a reminder of the simple joys of nature. They also emphasize the importance of protecting these spaces for future generations.

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