Childcare Costs

How Much Does Childcare Cost?

How to pay for childcare is a key concern for many parents.

It’s undoubtedly one of the more expensive aspects of raising a child – particularly if you have more than one.

At Shine, we’re very proud to be able to offer affordable childcare. Prices vary from nursery to nursery, but are very competitive in their local areas.

The overall cost is dependant on a number of things. For example, how often you need it. There are options for both full-time and part-time childcare.

Here, we’re going to walk you through exactly how much it costs.

Each Nursery Has Different Pricing

As mentioned, we currently have four nurseries under the Shine name.

Each operates with its own individual pricing plan. You can see the exact costs by visiting the nursery pages, found below:

Little Angels Huddersfield
Newbank (Oldham)
Tiny Tree (Leeds)
Tiny Tree (Halifax)

You’re probably going to be looking at several different options – other nurseries in the area. When you do, you’ll see that Shine is about average in terms of cost.

But when you take into consideration the quality of our childcare – Ofsted considers two of our four nurseries to be ‘Outstanding’ (one is yet to be rated) – you’ll see how good our pricing is.

For example, our Tiny Tree facility in Halifax costs £210 per week, based on signing up for 51 weeks a year at full-time.

Newbank costs £227.50 a week, Little Angels £240, Tiny Tree Halifax £210 and Tiny Tree Leeds £282.50.

Please note there are huge savings to be had by accessing the relevant government funding. This tends to be available for some two year children and for all children from the term starting after their third birthday. 

Flexible Childcare – Pick the Option That Best Suits Your Needs

Our nurseries all offer full-time and part-time care.

But we can be a little more flexible than that. For example, you can choose to pay our daily rate, and pick and choose which days you need us, although these will have to be the same days each week.

We also have an option if you just need our childcare services in the morning (usually 7:30 – 12:30), or just in the afternoon (usually 1:00 – 6:00).

There are also options for school age children, such as holiday clubs. You can find out more information about this on the individual nursery pages.

Payment and Funding Assistance

Shine is available to help you understand what funding assistance is available.

You might have a few different options based on your specific circumstances. We’ll help you navigate through all the applications and paperwork.

That way you can feel confident that you’re getting everything you need.

Multiple-Child Discount

If you would like to enrol a second child at one of our nurseries, you may be entitled to the sibling discount.

This is around 10% off the listed costs but doesn’t apply to every option so you will need to check with the relevant site.

Speak to one of our team for more details – they’ll be able to tell you exactly how this works.

And they can help answer any other questions you might have. We recommend speaking to someone at the nursery you’re interested in enrolling your child at.

You can find contact details on each individual nursery page.

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