Our Facilities

Tiny Tree has four rooms for children. These are the Baby Room, Toddler Room, Over 2s and Pre-school Room. There are spaces indoors and outside for the children to play in with lots of bright and engaging things to do and see, so they’ll be happy and entertained whenever they are here.

Our rooms

Places and spaces Places and spaces

Our days are filled with fun, laughter, and all sorts of exciting activities including painting and messy play, technology, physical education, football, story time and foreign languages – French, Spanish and Polish.

Our dedicated outdoor space provides lots of opportunities for children to play and learn about nature, plants and where our food comes from, as well as learning about the positive impact of being fit and healthy.

Everyone here at Tiny Tree has your children’s health, wellbeing and safety as their highest priority. With every child having a dedicated key person, we know that each individual receives only the best care and attention!  We demonstrate the behaviour we want to see from the children, encouraging them to be kind and gentle, through positive actions, thoughts and deeds.

Healthy Eating

Meals at Tiny Tree Meals at Tiny Tree

During the day, breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea are provided. We have a qualified cook in our nursery who uses fresh ingredients to provide extra tasty and healthy food for the children.

There are also exciting food-based activities, such as making sandwiches and pizzas as well as planting and growing vegetables. Different kinds of food from all around the world are prepared as part of a regularly updated menu to encourage children to have a wide and interesting taste as they grow!

We offer vegetarian options at all meal times and cater for all special dietary needs such as milk/nut allergies, gluten free and Halal meals.

All of our nurseries have a five-star rating as approved by the Food Standards Agency. This is the highest rating that can be achieved.


Here’s a sample of the tasty freshly-prepared food we serve up at Tiny Tree.


Fruit, Toast, Cereal & Milk

Garlic Bread
Option 1: Chicken Korma with Rice
Option 2: Vegetable Korma with Rice

Assorted Sandwiches with Cucumber and Carrot Sticks
Fresh Fruit, Fruity Shortbread

Holiday Club

For primary school children For primary school children

Tiny Tree runs a holiday club during all school holidays and on school training days. These clubs are for primary school children. Our holiday programmes are built around the children’s interests and take on board their ideas and suggestions. This inclusive approach encourages children to build upon their independence and helps them to take responsibility while making sure that they’re also having lots of fun.