Our Approach to Inclusive Childcare

At Shine Childcare, we believe strongly in Inclusive Childcare. Every child is unique, with their own personalities, likes, dislikes, quirky behaviour and habits. No matter what background, race, culture, belief or ability, all children love to play, develop and learn together. We ensure that we are meeting the needs of children as individuals, no matter what. We help children learn through play, using all of their senses with music, art, movement and games.

Dedicated Key Person

Children need individual care and attention if they are to feel confident and supported at nursery, so all of the children in our care have a dedicated key person who is responsible for looking after their needs. This means that all aspects of their development can be monitored, from making sure that the environment is safe and stimulating to seeing that their abilities are being taken into consideration. By having a key person in nursery, children feel secure and supported which then helps them to forge ahead and do new and more adventurous things as they develop!

One of our recent Ofsted reports for Little Angels mentioned our key person programme, saying: ‘Children develop extremely strong attachments with their key persons and their peers; this promotes their development of independence and exploration.’


Parents as Partners

Communication is a key aspect of our care system. The partnership between our nurseries and the parents that chose them is very important. We encourage you to talk to us about any concerns or comments you may have regarding your child or our facilities with an open door policy.

Parents are kept up-to-date with everything going on with their child and at the nursery with regular meetings to help us celebrate together and plan and resource their next steps.

In our most recent Ofsted inspection report for Newbank House the inspector commented, ‘Partnership with parents, carers and other professionals is exceptional. As a result, there is a cohesive and highly effective approach in helping children make excellent progress in their learning and development.’

The report for Little Angels said, ‘Partnership with parents and carers is extremely well-established; they understand how their children are progressing and are actively involved in contributing to their learning and development.’