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Are All Your Staff Trained? Are All Your Staff Trained?

More than 90% of our staff are fully qualified in childcare.

And we’re very proud of that.

We feel it’s important to provide the children we look after with the best possible care, from highly-trained individuals.

So not only do we employ so many qualified members of staff – we’re constantly providing additional training to improve the quality of their care even further.

Our managers spend approximately 75% of their time in the nursery mentoring other staff, observing practices, and conducting training.

If having trained staff is important to you, then consider your local Shine nursery.


Am I Entitled to Free Childcare? Am I Entitled to Free Childcare?

If you have a child between the ages of three and four, then yes, you are entitled to some free healthcare.

You get 570 free hours per year for each child you have. Which normally works out at 15 hours a week, although you can alter this slightly if you need to.

Some children may be eligible for as many as 30 free hours of childcare per week.

It all depends on your personal circumstances.

You can find out more information and apply for free childcare on the official website.

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