Our facilities

Newbank House has multiple rooms dedicated to different age groups. Our spaces are built with children in mind, ensuring that wherever they are, there’s something exciting to see or do. There are spaces for technology and ICT, baking, playing, as well as extensive outdoor areas which are used daily.

Our rooms

Places and spaces Places and spaces

Children have great fun at Newbank House. There’s so much to do, including painting, story time, football and foreign languages as well as Jabberjacks – a unique experience of music and movement.

Being outside is very important to your child’s development. With a range of outdoor spaces from play areas, planters, greenhouses to woodland, we make sure that our staff take the children outside every day. They are given lots of opportunities to experience nature and learn about where their food comes from while stretching their little legs!

With the children’s health and well-being at the heart of our work at Newbank House, every child has a dedicated key person to ensure that their needs as individuals are being met. Our dedicated staff act as role models, demonstrating behaviour that is kind and friendly, and this has proven very effective in encouraging children to behave well.

Healthy Eating

Meals at Newbank Meals at Newbank

We provide a tasty breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea for the children, prepared by our experienced and qualified cook. We use only the freshest ingredients and the children get to learn about healthy eating and living at the same time as getting their food!

Alongside this is a programme of fun cooking activities for the children to explore the world of food and become more adventurous with what they like to eat. Food from a range of cuisines is prepared, with vegetarian and Halal options available where required. All of our nurseries have five-star rating as approved by the Food Standards Agency. This is the highest rating that can be achieved.

Holiday Club

For primary school children For primary school children

Newbank House runs a holiday club for primary school children. This runs during all school holidays and on school training days. The children are kept entertained even through the long summer break with activities that are designed around what the children enjoy doing. That way, children don’t get bored and get to demonstrate and build their independence.