Careers in Childcare

A career in childcare is incredibly rewarding. Whether you’re looking after children on a daily basis, or working in a management position at a nursery, the fact that you’re contributing to just one child’s development is amazing. And if you’re doing that for lots of children, year after year, then even more so. There are […]

Childcare Courses

Are you interested in a career in childcare? Fantastic! But before you embark upon your new venture, there are a few things you need to know. We’ll try to cover everything in a series of guides. This particular page is all about childcare courses you can take. For a lot of jobs within the childcare […]

Childcare Interview Questions

Your career in childcare is either just about to get started, or take a huge step forwards. After obtaining the necessary qualifications, getting some experience and applying for jobs that seem suitable – you’ve reached the interview stage. This is your chance to impress your potential new employers. Meeting them face to face is often […]

Childcare Qualifications

If you want a career in childcare, you’ll need to ensure you have the right qualifications. Being qualified isn’t absolutely necessary to working in a nursery – depending on the role – but if you want a long and successful career, it’s best to take a course, sit your exams, and obtain the certificate. So, […]

How Much Does Childcare Cost?

How to pay for childcare is a key concern for many parents. It’s undoubtedly one of the more expensive aspects of raising a child – particularly if you have more than one. At Shine, we’re very proud to be able to offer affordable childcare. Prices vary from nursery to nursery, but are very competitive in […]

5 Top Tips for New Parents

When you become a parent, especially the first time, everybody who has ever had kids wants to impart their wisdom on you. Between your doctors, parenting books, the in-laws and friends who have children – there’s a lot to take in. Some of the advice is very niche, too. So much so that you’re not […]